2019 Eight Homes Presentation Night

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Congratulations to all award winners

Melton Central FNC celebrated Season 2019 in prestige at Tabcorp Park on Saturday.

Centrals President Paul Sinclair thanked the crowd of 120 people and talked about the next phase of the club, both football and netball. While the club continued to improve, there was much work to be done.

We would like to especially thank Gabby Menabue for organising the event.

The award winners included

Remy Martin Award

David 'Dibbo' Buchanan


Under 19

Most Consistent - Holly Flynn

Most Determined - Mia Elkington

Runners Up B & F - Chelsea Lapsley

Best & Fairest - Natalie Roberts

C Grade

Most Consistent - Courtney Homewood  

Most Determined - Emma Gleeson 

Runners Up B & F - Janelle Costigan & Ash Gul 

Best & Fairest - Kara Zwarteveen

B Grade

Most Consistent - Lauren Creed

Most Determined - Sarah Rozynski

Runners Up B & F - Olivia Edwards

Best & Fairest - Hayley Hill & Gabby Menabue 

A Grade

Most Consistent - Abbey Grant 

Most Determined - Eden Mitchell 

Runners Up B & F - Ashlea Hyatt  

Best & Fairest - Rita White-Kay


Under 19.5

Coach's Award - Jesse Psaila

Most Consistent - Michael Hutchinson 

Runners Up B & F - Tyson Orr 

Best & Fairest - Milan Savic 


Coach's Award - Dylan Lindsay 

Most Consistent - Travis Ferri 

Runners Up B & F - Josh Spry

Best & Fairest - Dean Borg


Most Promising - Jarrod Spry 

Coach's Award - Jarrod Johns

Most Consistent - Michael Callus 

Runners Up B & F - David Callus 

Best & Fairest - Daniel Foley