Matt 'Sheeds' Martin

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Life Member

The greatest football midfielders possess strength, pace, skill, fitness and courage. A skinny kid back in 2002 walked into the doors of Melton Centrals and possessed… Well.. Fitness yes, courage definitely.

285 games later, Matt ‘Sheeds’ Martin has worked on the other attributes of his game but you cannot question his heart and endeavor for the Navy Blue. No matter what side he was picked for, Sheeds gives 100% for his coach, for his teammates and for our jumper and he was truly harsh on himself if he didn’t perform. Sheeds epitomizes what a true legend of Melton Centrals should be, he is well respected within the RDFNL and more importantly within our football club. He is well known by all of his teammates, irrespective of their place or abilities in the team. Early in his career, Sheeds knew his capabilities but he was the first one to put his hand up for seniors when we needed it most, he loves playing senior for us.

His character is second to none, a Reserves Premiership player in 2005, Scarborough Medallist (RDFNL Reserves B&F) in 2008 and captain in 2018, Matthew ‘Sheeds’ Martin is Melton Centrals.

Congratulations Matt on your Life Membership with Melton Central Football & Netball Club.


  • Reserves Premiership Player (2009)
  • Scarborough Medallist - RDFNL Reserves B&F (2008)
  • Reserves Captain (2018)